A food and lifestyle photographer based out of Grand Rapids, MI, who loves capturing two things humans can't live without - food and people.

I believe that when one door closes, another one opens; I purchased my camera the day before I graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2014 and haven’t stop clicking away since then. I’m incredibly eager for new experiences and encounters that will help me fine tune the skills I’ve been developing. 

My ultimate goal with lifestyle photography is to make you feel incredibly comfortable and excited in order to produce images that capture your genuine essence and emotion. I want the real, authentic you to radiate through each and every collection of pixels, and I will go to great lengths to make sure you have an enjoyable time while doing so.

When I’m not taking pictures of people, you can find me over at Edibly Educated, a food and wellness blog I started last year that aims to teach and inspire people to adapt habits that promote healthier living. From my work with the blog, I have developed a keen eye for all things delectable and have fallen in love with taking pictures of inanimate, edible objects (and their accompaniments). I feel confident about being able to capture food in an appealing, professional way that has the potential to assist businesses in the food or restaurant industry.

Instagram Shots

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