i’m sarah


when I was younger, any time my mom would go to Best Buy, I would run to the camera aisle and play with the DSLRs the whole time she was there; I simply wanted to be serenated by the click of that shutter.

I was finally able to buy my first DSLR the day before I got my bachelor’s degree in 2014, and well, everything clicked. with a fresh degree in hand, I decided to pursue photography instead that year, and I was able to go full-time with photography in 2016. I have never used my degree a day in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. this career has been beyond fulfilling for me and my personality, and I simply LOVE what I do!

I’m a natural, organic chic.. yes, in diet, but that spilled right over into my shooting style. I am alllll about movement and flow, light and nuetral, and joy! radiant joy 🙂


let's do this!